Farmer stung to death by 40,000 killer bees


Farmer stung to death by 40,000 killer bees

A Texas man has died after he was stung by killer bees just a day after celebrating his 62nd birthday.

According to, farmer Larry Goodwin was driving a tractor on his neighbour's property when he hit a pile of wood containing an old chicken coop that concealed a hive of 40,000 Africanized bees.

The neighbour's wife and daughter tried to help him and were stung a hundred times between them.

Goodwin managed to run from the tractor to the nearest house and turned the garden hose on himself.

When emergency services arrived they tried to resuscitate him but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

His daughters Tanya Goodwin and Kelley Flores told KCENTV: "If anybody has any brush or anything on their lands, please clear it, because they don't want to go through this. Nobody needs to go through this."

Bee-removal specialist Allen Miller told KCENTV that he has seen at least five cases of Africanized hives in the last month, which is more than he usually sees in a year.

"You can't believe how bad they are. They make me want to get out of this business," he told

"They can get up under your clothes where no other insect can go.

"In a hive of ordinary European bees, about 10 percent will attack if the hive is threatened, but with African bees, all of them attack you."

Africanized bees are known as killer bees and are found in Brazil, Argentina and North to Central America.

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