Tornadoes hit Oklahoma killing five


Tonadoes hit Oklahoma again killing five

A mother and baby are among five people who have been killed after tornadoes swept through Oklahoma, US.

Officials said the woman and her child were possibly sucked out of their car near Interstate 40.

"We know that the storm picked them up and swept them away," Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Betsy Randolph told ABC News. "When the troopers found them, they were both deceased."

Two other victims were found in a car in Union City and another was found on a road in El Reno.

According to USA Today, at least three tornadoes hit Oklahoma City area on Friday night.

Tonadoes hit Oklahoma again killing five

People were trapped in their vehicles along the motorway and several motorists were injured and reported missing.

The Associated Press reports that 50 people have been hurt, among them a meteorologist from The Weather Channel who was thrown 200 yards by a tornado he was chasing.

The severe weather is shifting eastward in Saturday, towards Ohio and the Mississippi River Valleys, the BBC reports.

Flood waters were up to four feet deep and hampered rescue attempts.

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