Video: Burning railroad bridge collapse caught on camera in US


A bridge that was used to transport freight in Texas has been caught on camera collapsing in a blaze of glory.

According to the Daily Telegraph, firefighters spent 15 hours trying to put the flames out on the 300-yard railroad bridge between San Saba and Lometa.

But their efforts were to no avail and in the end they decided to let it burn out and collapse into the Colorado River.

And the structure put on a dramatic show as it fell like a row of dominoes in to the water below it.

According to the Independent, The Lometa Volunteer Fire Department Captain Jamie Smart shot the video when he heard somebody shout "there she goes".

Nobody was hurt in the fire or the collapse of the bridge in Lampasas County, and authorities are trying to identify what started the fire, which caused around £10 million in damages.

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