Naked woman boards subway in China and plays with iPad


Completely naked woman boards subway in China and plays with iPad

Well, that's one way to get yourself noticed on the morning commute.

A completely nude woman was spotted playing with an iPad and speaking rudely in the subway of Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province this week.

The incident occurred on the morning of 20 May, and some fellow passengers were so uncomfortable, they stepped off the train, reported China About.

Oh well, at least she had her iPad to keep her company.

Meanwhile, back in February, a woman in China who wore a fake baby bump to encourage train passengers to offer her their seats was caught out after the silicone belly slipped out of her shirt and dropped to the floor of the carriage in front of other passengers, reports the Huffington Post.

But, rather than apologise for her stunt, the woman – named as Zhang – contacted her local commercial bureau to complain about the poor quality of the false stomach.

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