Couple who visited same Jersey hotel 90 times get 92 per cent discount


Couple who visited same Jersey hotel 90 times get 92% discount

A loyal couple who have visited the same Jersey hotel 90 times are being rewarded with a 1960s-style bill - being charged just £3.60 a day each for what would be a £2,000 holiday.

Francis and Margaret Brierley are celebrating their 90th visit to the Dolan Hotel group's accommodation having first met on the island in 1965.

Half a century on, the hotel's owner invited the West Midlands couple to stay 10 nights and dine in the silver service restaurant for just £72 - an impressive 92 per cent discount from the £1,920 cost.

Retired lorry driver and milkman Francis, 79, known to friends as Harry, was delighted at the gesture: "It's a bloody great big saving," he told Caters News.

"I first met Margaret when she was here with her sister in 1965, after three years of courting we finally got together and have been in love ever since.

"The memories we have here are irreplaceable and hopefully we can have many more together.

"Staff here have become like family to us, we have friends on the island and can't wait to go exploring, shopping and just relax every time we come - that's why we're here at least twice a year.

"Just give me three cups of coffee in the morning and I'm yours to do anything."

Couple who visited same Jersey hotel 90 times get 92% discount

Margaret, 74, first went to the island with her family as a summer retreat that was close to home.

And although the couple have travelled around the world and still enjoy the sunny coastlines of Mediterranean countries, they insist that nothing compares to Jersey's shore.

Margaret told Caters News: "We didn't expect anything like this, I'm still in shock of the offer. Each time we go to Spain or Portugal we do look forward to going back to Jersey - nothing compares to their beaches.

"It only takes 45 minutes on the plane from Southampton so it's not too long in the air for us. When we arrive we can drive around and although it's changed a lot since the 60s it's definitely not put us off coming back."

Francis and Margaret, from Aldridge, West Midlands, have been going to the Channel Islands together since 1969 and have always stayed at the Dolan Group's four-star Hotel Cristina or Somerville Hotel.

Company chairman Bill said: "We are absolutely delighted that Francis and Margaret have chosen to come back to our hotels year on year.

"Their loyalty to us has never wavered and we thought it was a great opportunity to do something for them in return.

"We thought it would be lovely to take them back to their first visit and charge them only what they paid back in 1969."

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