Video: Epic scooter fail as man crashes four times before falling down a hole


A man in China has been caught on camera causing traffic chaos and getting involved in multiple collisions.

He starts off by crashing head-on into a white van, knocking him and his passenger off the bike.

Leaving his passenger at the scene, he tries to scoot off, but doesn't get far before he crashes into the side of a black hatchback.

But two crashes don't put him off his escape, and he tries to drive off again, this time heading straight for another bike.

Undeterred, he soldiers on, but a couple of feet later he smashes head-on into another truck.

Even this doesn't stop the man, and in a last ditch attempt to escape he drives off yet again - this time straight through a construction barrier and down a hole.

According to, the man only suffered minor injuries - and a major blow to his ego.

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