Spanish hotel refuses reservation for children with Down syndrome


Spanish hotel refuses reservation for children with Down syndrome

A hotel in Spain has been slammed for banning a group of children with Down syndrome as they "might annoy other guests."

According to The Local, Hotel CaboGata Plaza Suites on the Costa del Sol told a worker from Down España, who was trying to organise an end of term trip for the children: "We do not admit groups of guests with mental disabilities."

The charity reported the incident involving the Almeria hotel to the public prosecutor because it felt it was "a clear case of discrimination against disabled people".

Hotel CaboGata Plaza Suites apologised to Down España for the "misunderstanding" and said the staff had mistakenly believed it was a group of previous guests who had been "very confrontational" during their stay.

According to International Business Times, a spokesman for the hotel said: "In 35 years of business we have never refused access to guests with Down syndrome" and added they "have been, are, and always will be very welcome."

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