Easyjet reduces size of cabin baggage 'guaranteed space on board'


Easyjet reduces size of cabin baggage 'guaranteed space on board'

If you're a traveller who's particularly keen on keeping hand luggage close by, you'll now need to stick to a reduced sized to ensure your baggage goes in the cabin on Easyjet flights.

The airline has announced that passengers who want to be guaranteed their luggage will be stored in the cabin will need to stick to a bag size of 50cmx40cmx20cm from 2 July.

So, for an on-board luggage guarantee, your hand luggage will need to be 37 per cent smaller than the current standard size.

A statement issued by Easyjet said: "Managing cabin baggage is an industry-wide challenge and it's one which has increased for Easyjet. Thanks to our industry leading load factors (89%) and seat configuration Easyjet carries around 40 more passengers on each flight than our rivals.

"Because of this, overhead locker space onboard our aircraft is limited and so on busy flights we are not always able to fit everyone's cabin bag in the cabin.

"From 2 July 2013 Easyjet is introducing a cabin bag guarantee. This means that for passengers who bring a bag no bigger than 50x40x20cm (including handles and wheels) we will guarantee it can travel in the cabin - either in the overhead locker or under the seat in front of them.

"The bag guarantee is a way for passengers to gain peace of mind that their bag will travel with them onboard the flight. The new cabin bag guarantee is transparent and fair to all our customers and the result of in-depth customer research.

"Easyjet does not charge passengers for bringing a cabin bag onboard and there is no weight limit on cabin baggage.

"There is no change to our bag policy which means customers can still bring a slightly bigger bag up to the maximum IATA size of 56x45x25cm including handles and wheels, but on some of our busier flights their bag may have to go into the hold."

An Easyjet spokesperson told Aol Travel: "In summary, there has been no change to our cabin baggage policy and hand luggage can still be taken onboard free of charge to a maximum size of 56x45x25cm.

"On busy flights though, bags of this size may be transferred to the hold.

"Our new cabin bag guarantee gives passengers with a bag of 50x40x20cm the peace of mind that hand luggage will definitely travel in the cabin with them, either in an overhead locker or below the seat in front of them."

Would this new guarantee give you peace of mind? Or would you be happy for larger hand luggage to go in the hold free of charge?

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