Jeremy Clarkson says babies should be put in luggage hold on flights


Jeremy Clarkson says babies should be put in luggage hold on flights

Jeremy Clarkson has come under fire for making what we can only hope was a tongue-in-cheek comment about parents flying with small babies.

The Top Gear presenter had just flown to Scotland on May 3, when he tweeted: "When will British Airways realise that babies belong in the hold?"

When his comments were later printed in the Daily Mail, he responded with: "I have sparked FURY at the Mail for saying babies should travel in a plane's hold. Mine didn't fly till they were old enough to behave."

His comments prompted a wave of support from his Twitter followers, with one suggesting that babies should be sedated for travel "like you can for animals", while others blamed parents saying that lack of discipline is the real issue. Some suggested that child-free flights are the answer, indicating that parents would find air travel less stressful if those who are most annoyed by travelling with children took a dedicated, adults-only flight, while those with children could book seats on family-friendly flights.

Whatever you think, plenty of people agree with Clarkson's views - almost 1,500 Twitter users flagged his tweet as a 'favourite'.

However, Justine Roberts, from the parenting website Mumsnet, isn't one of them. She told the Daily Mail: "There are plenty of users hoping British Airways will realise Jeremy Clarkson belongs in the hold."

Do you think that babies and toddlers should be banned from planes until they are old enough to behave themselves? Let us know below...

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