Oh ****! Zebra defecates as lion approaches from behind


Oh ****! Zebra defecates as lion approaches from behind

In the beautiful setting of the Maasai Mara at dawn, a not so pretty tale takes place...

Wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein was in the Kenyan game reserve in search of an epic shot when he spotted a lion appearing to creep up on an unsuspecting zebra, perhaps wanting a meaty breakfast to start its day.

But a large dollop of defecation from the striped animal suggests the animal heard the predator's breath and realised its fate.

Photographer and guide Paul told Rex Features: "I love March in the Mara: searing mid-day temperatures invariably set off spectacular afternoon storms which lead to the best sunsets and sunrises anywhere in the world.

Oh ****! Zebra defecates as lion approaches from behind

"This particular morning I was following two male lions as they patrolled their not inconsiderable beat. Whilst taking this one against the dawn I had not really noticed the zebra; upon examining the shot for sharpness he and his ' baggage' were suddenly very apparent.

He added: "From my vantage point the shot makes it look as if the lion was on course to catch the zebra. The reality was they were probably further enough apart to suggest the lion wasn't quite ready for breakfast.

"When photographing in silhouette it is difficult to judge, but judging by the size I think the zebra was further away from my side than it looks."

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