Have you ever been to the town that lives under a rock?



This Andalucian town isn't home to fairytale ogres or people with no concept of the outside world, but its 3,000 residents really do live under a rock.

Setenil de las Bodegas, a small town northeast of Cadiz in Spain, is built under the shadow of a rocky gorge.

The narrow gorge was eroded by the Rio Trejo river and many of the homes are built into and under the walls of the gorge itself.

Residents don't even need to build a whole house: they can live in the rock-hewn caves and just construct a facade on the outside.

While living in the shadows might not be everyone's idea of a Spanish holiday heaven, it hasn't put the locals off.

The Daily Mail reports that residents of the town build their homes there in a tradition that dates back to pre-historic times and the sheltered caves help keep the soaring temperatures of the region at bay.

The town's unique geology isn't the only reason it attracts visitors though as it is also famous for its prized gastronomic delicacies like chorizo, honey, olive oil, jam and Andalucian wine.

Historically the cool areas under the rocks were used to store local produce, and that's how the town earned the name 'bodegas' meaning warehouse in Spanish.

Would you live in a traditional, white washed bodega town like Setenil de las Bodegas or would the looming rocks put you off?

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The world's strangest places