Video: 'Drunk' tourist charges elephant on safari in South Africa


A 'drunken' tourist was lucky to escape unharmed when he thought it would be funny to charge at an elephant while on safari at South Africa's Kruger National Park.

The footage was filmed by his friends, who can be heard cackling and shouting "run, run at him" in the background.

The man can be seen heading towards the elephant, before slipping. The animal looks as though it could be ready to cherge back at him, but the man gets up and runs at the animal again with his arms flailing.

The elephant decides to run away, while the man makes his way back to the car ready to high-five his friends over his thoughtless actions.

The Sun reports that the footage was posted on YouTube by an animal-lover who called the man's actions "an absolute disgrace".

Another user wrote that it was a pity the "elephant did not give you a mauling".

According to the Daily Telegraph, wildlife advocates have called for charges to be brought against the tourist.

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