Mid-air terror after 'technical issue' on London to Glasgow plane


Mid-air flight terror after 'technical issue'  on London to Glasgow plane

Passengers on a British Airways plane flying from Heathrow to Glasgow Airport experienced a terrifying few minutes after the pilot announced a technical issue just before landing.

The pilot of the BA1476 flight issued a set of safety guidelines, including adopting the brace position, and also reportedly told passengers to use the emergency exits, and to move away from the plane as quickly as possible, adding "the life you save may be your own".

One passenger told the Scotsman: "We were told that once we had landed, to get away from the aircraft as soon as possible. Then, the pilot said: 'The life you save may be your own.'"

He added: "People were very grateful we landed safely and could use the stairs to leave the plane, not emergency chutes."

Emergency crews, including three fire engines, attended the scene, and everybody disembarked safely.

A British Airways spokeswoman said the "overwhelming priority" was the safety of the passengers and the crew, telling the Scotsman: "When a technical issue arose on the BA 1476 from Heathrow to Glasgow, the captain of the aircraft gave the customers an additional safety briefing as a precaution in the event of a difficult landing.

"The aircraft landed safely with no issues and customers disembarked normally."

According to a report on the Aviation Herald, the flight was "descending through 7,000 feet towards Glasgow when the crew reported hydraulic issues, climbed the aircraft back to 8,000 feet and entered a hold to troubleshoot. The aircraft landed safely on Glasgow's runway 23 with emergency services in attendance about 40 minutes later.

"The aircraft was able to depart for the return flight BA1483 about 70 minutes after landing and about 30 minutes behind schedule."

The incident occurred just days after a passenger jet came within 300ft of colliding with a 'UFO' at Glasgow Airport.

The Airbus was 3,500ft above Baillieston on the outskirts of the Scottish city, when it came just seconds from crashing into a mystery object.

And, back in April, an RAF fighter jet was scrambled to help a passenger plane to land at Glasgow Prestwick Airport after the pilot lost contact with air traffic control when his communication radio was set to the wrong frequency.

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