First 'Islamic' hotel in Egypt separates men and women


The first 'Islamic' hotel has opened in Hurghada on Egypt's Red Sea coast.

But it's unlikely the new hotel will go down very well with the thousands of British and Russian tourists that flock to the area every year - as there are separate floors for women and men, and alcohol is strictly prohibited.

The manager of the new hotel has waited 25 years for the opportunity to open such a place, and hopes it will be part of a tourism 'revolution' in the area.

But, according to a report by the BBC, although tourism authorities welcome choice, they do not necessarily agree with such strict regulations.

Ahmed Aldor, director of tourism in Hurghada, told the news site: "It is accepted to have Islamic rules at some hotels. But, at the same time, there must be all facilities on offer at other hotels. Alcohol must be available for tourism. We are a cosmopolitan city."

Would you stay at an alcohol-free hotel? Leave your thoughts below.

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