Never mind Superman! Super squirrel shows off flying skills


Never mind Superman! Super squirrel shows off flying skills

A photographer has managed to capture a squirrel doing its best Superman impression in Russia.

The fearless red squirrel was caught soaring through the air in an impressive display of aerial acrobatics, flying from tree-to-tree.

Photographer Andrey Chernyh snapped the squirrel showcasing its 'super powers' in a forest in Novosibirsk, Russia, as it scaled the canopies above.

Using his Pentax K7 camera, Andrey, 40, managed to photograph the squirrel as it 'flew' from tree-to-tree collecting pine cones.

Andrey has been photographing squirrels for more than two years but had never seen a squirrel behave quite like this.

Andrey told Caters News: "I've been photographing the red squirrels for many years, but I've never seen them flying like this, this squirrel was certainly one-of-a-kind.

"It looked so spectacular, the squirrel reminded me of the real Superman as it looked like it was flying through the forest.

"I've never seen squirrels fly through the air like this, it is not only beautiful but stunning to witness."

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