What is it? Scary sea monster washes up on beach in New Zealand

Sea monster washes up on beach in New Zealand

Is it a whale? Is it a dinosaur? A video of the decomposing carcass of a 'sea monster' which washed ashore on a New Zealand beach recently has become an internet hit as people try to guess what it is.

The video, taken by one of a group of tourists on Pukehina the Bay of Plenty, was posted on Youtube with a message asking the public for help in working out what it was.

According to newsdiscovery.com, a marine biologist has now claimed that it is probably the remains of an orca or killer whale - but this hasn't stopped people speculating. Suggestions include everything from a crocodile to a dead T-Rex. Others reckon it's simply a fake.

Newsdiscovery says that marine 'blobsters' - huge decomposed carcasses that can't be identified - have remained a mystery for years. Researchers believe that they are various species of whales.

What do you think it is? Tell us below!

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