Teen surfer attacked by shark in Florida said it was 'pretty cool'


Teen surfer attacked by shark in Florida said it was 'pretty cool'

A teenage surfer who was bitten on his foot and ankle by a shark in Florida says he can't wait to get back in the ocean.

Michael Adler, of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is lucky to be alive after the ordeal on Saturday and is recovering in hospital after a shark ripped through four of his tendons.

But 16-year-old Adler described his brush with death as "pretty cool".

According to New York Daily News, he was surfing with three friends off Melbourne Beach, an area well-known for bull sharks, when the predator attacked.

Speaking to WSVN, Adler said: "It felt like I'd stepped in coral and a bunch of rocks. I wasn't sure it was a shark when it first happened."

The teen got back to shore and someone from the military helped him stop the bleeding before paramedics arrived.

"I was just mad about having to miss all the waves, but not really the shark," Adler said.

"Now I know I'm not gonna get bit again so I'm not scared. I mean, how many people get bitten by a shark, twice?"

Doctors said he had 20 holes on the top of his foot. They added that it would be safe for Adler to go back in the water in about eight weeks.

Last year, a German tourist spoke about a shark attack on a Florida holiday which nearly killed her.

Karin Ulrike Stei said the pain of the attack was a 15 on a scale of one to 10.

In March, a number of beaches in Florida's Palm Beach area were closed after thousands of sharks were spotted swimming along the shoreline.

A biology professor said in one flight over the area, over 15,000 sharks were seen just 200 yards from the shore.

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