Terrifying moment couple's Florida beach wedding is struck by lightning


Heart-stopping moment lightning strikes couple's Florida beach wedding

A couple of newlyweds had more than just a drizzle of rain on their wedding day when their beach ceremony was struck by lightning.

Brian Lehrman and Holly Thornton, from Idaho, chose Key Largo in Florida for their romantic nuptials and were a third of a way through the wedding when the bolt lit up the sky.

"There was a flash, then a lightning strike and then thunder," the bride's uncle Bruce Thornton told ABC News. "There was a ball of flame and then an explosion, like a big boom."

Footage of the lightning strike was uploaded on YouTube and shows the wedding party ducking and looking up in shock at the loud and bright bolt.

"All of that happened in just one second," Thornton said. "My brother, the father of the bride, was out there and said he felt like his legs got singed from the lightning."

The ceremony continued and afterwards the couple celebrated their already-wet wedding by jumping into a swimming pool.

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