Bank Holiday to be hotter than the Cote d'Azur


Bank Holiday to be hotter than the Cote d'Azur

It's not often we can say that temps in Britain will be hotter than on the French Riviera - but that's exactly what weather forecasters are predicting for Bank Holiday Monday.

The Met Office forecast says London can expect highs of 20C, while the top temp in Cannes is set to 18C.

It will even be hotter than Ibiza (18C) and Florence, Tuscany (18C).

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, is even more optimistic and says temps could reach a rather balmy 23C.

He told Aol Travel: "Don't get put off by the cloudy and cool start to the weekend since Sunday and Monday look like beautiful days to enjoy the outdoors across much of England and Wales, and very warm in the south by Monday.

"Saturday starting quite cloudy and a little light rain too, as a weakening front moves east. Improving for the afternoon though with sunshine breaking through across England and Wales from the west, and a fine and clear evening.

"Unfortunately western Scotland staying more cloudy with showers likely through the day, but not bad in eastern Scotland. Top temperatures across the Midlands reaching 18C in gentle south west breezes, and possibly 19C in the south from Hampshire to West Sussex.

"Sunday looks like a cracking day with mostly clear skies and sunshine across England and Wales. Afternoon temperatures reaching 19 to 21C, but 22C possible in parts of East Anglia. Still mostly cloudy over Scotland with the risk of rain over the south west Highlands, drier and brighter in eastern Scotland. Temperatures possibly 17C or 18C in Aberdeenshire, to the east of the Highlands.

"On Monday, the south will again enjoy a warm and sunny day with temperatures 20 to 22C across the Midlands and south east. The London area may be the hot spot reaching 23C. A little more cloud in the far south west in Cornwall and west Devon, and at times over western Wales and northern England with the risk of a light shower. In Scotland, the best weather may be the far north with a lot more cloud across southern Scotland.

"After Monday the weather goes downhill with rain spreading from the west for Tuesday.

"Quite wet and windy over western Britain, but good timing not arriving on the Bank Holiday!"

We couldn't agree more.

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