Mamma Mia! ABBA museum to open in Stockholm


It's official: the countdown to the opening of ABBA The Museum in Stockholm has begun, with doors due to open on 7 May.

The Swedish museum displays the complete history of the seventies mega-band, from gold records to reproductions of their recording studio and dressing rooms.

Fancy chatting with Agnetha? Die-hard fans may get the opportunity to speak to a real band member as the museum has installed a phone, which the four band members will occasionally call.

there is also a piano that has been electronacally hooked up to Benny's own piano in his music studio so when he plays at home, lucky visitors can catch him in action at the museum.

Not only can visitors record their own versions of classic ABBA hits, there's also a chance for fans to try on some of the bands flamboyant costumes and, with the aid of holograms, play on the stage with them.

According to the official website, all of the material that you record during your visit will be stored on the personal ID number on your entrance ticket.

Tickets to this ABBA extravaganza don't come cheap however, with a pass to the museum costing 195 Krona - £19.29.

The ABBA Museum is a part of the new Swedish Music Hall of Fame, which contains exhibitions on the history of Swedish popular music, a Hall of Fame dedicated to Sweden's stars and temporary exhibitions.

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