Here comes the sun! Temperatures to soar to 23C on Monday


Here comes the sun! Temps to soar to 23C on Monday?

Weather forecasters have given us a silver lining for the Bank Holiday weekend - after a cool start, temperatures could soar to 23C on Monday.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at the Weather Channel, has said it will be a "glorious" day across much of the UK.

He told Aol Travel: "The weather will improve through the weekend and it looks like a glorious day on the Bank Holiday Monday in England with temperatures reaching 20C to 22C in gentle south/south westerly breezes."

However, it looks like it will be a shaky start: "Saturday not so good in the south with the remnants of a cold front giving a rather cloudy day with some showers, but from the Midlands northwards becoming brighter, but cool," said Leon.

"Sunday looks like a fine day across central to eastern England and eastern Scotland with temperatures recovering to a very pleasant 16C to 17C, perhaps 18C to 19C in Cheshire and north Shropshire.

"More cloudy over the south west and south of England with a few light showers, and the west of Scotland fairly cloudy and breezy with some light rain."

Here comes the sun! Temps to soar to 23C on Monday?

But now for the best bit, with "plenty of sunshine" predicted for Monday. Leon added: "Monday will turn out to be a beautiful spring day over much of England, Wales and eastern Scotland.

"Plenty of sunshine for central and eastern England but more cloud over Scotland and Ireland. The far north west of Scotland could be damp with a little light rain, but improving later in the day.

"The hot spots on Monday may be 21C in London, Cheltenham, Birmingham and Manchester, but up to 22C in Cambridge and Peterborough.

"There's a 30 per cent chance of 23C."

Up in Scotland, Edinburgh, Dundee and Aberdeen should manage 15C or even 16C, and Inverness 14C to 15C.

In Wales, the warmest area will be the east to north east, perhaps Wrexham reaching 20C.

Leon added: "For those venturing to the coast, it will be quite a lot colder along the south coast at 11C to 13C.

"The warmest coasts will be North Devon, North Wales and north east England with off-shore winds."

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