Video: Parallel parking at its worst


What is they say about women drivers? Well this motorist was doing nothing to dispel the image when she was caught on camera taking around half an hour to reverse park her car in Belfast.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Austin Powers parking moment took place on Fitzroy Avenue in the Holyland area.

The footage was caught by students Ciaran Doherty and Ciaran Shannon, who were watching from their house across the street, reports the Mirror.

The pair uploaded the scene to YouTube, calling it The World's Worst Attempt at Parallel Parking, and it has already become an internet hit.

Ciaran told the BBC: "We were looking at it for a good 15 minutes before we started videoing it. I offered to park the car for her. I can't believe she couldn't get it in. It could easily have fitted a big people carrier in that space."

The boys can be heard roaring with laughter at her numerous failed attempts, and cry things like "go on, get her in".

They can also be heard bursting into cheers when she finally manages to do just that.

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