Commuter leaps in front of oncoming train to save woman on tracks


Commuter leaps in front of oncoming train to save woman on tracks

A London commuter has told how he jumped onto Tube tracks to save a woman who had collapsed - just as a train was approaching.

Osman Dean, 27, was waiting on the Northern line platform at Stockwell last Wednesday when a woman next to him fainted and fell headfirst onto the tracks below, reports the Evening Standard.

Mr Dean, from Mitcham, decided to try and rescue her, despite his fear of being electrocuted, as well as the fact a train was approaching the station.

Mr Dean told the Evening Standard: "I could see from a distance the train was coming, I could see the lights, and as I was looking there was a woman on my right.

"Suddenly she fell forward, headfirst on to the track. At first all I could do was watch what happened, but then my next thought was to get her out."

He added that he was "concerned about the train coming, and whether I'd get electrocuted" but saw the woman had fallen in the gap between the tracks and had not been electrocuted herself.

Mr Dean continued: "So I jumped in, together with another guy and we dragged her out on to the platform. People could see what was going on and were shouting at the driver to stop.

"Luckily he managed to stop the train a few metres away from us and we were able to get her out safely."

The woman was thought to be dazed but unharmed after the incident, and said thank you to Mr Dean, who was pleased he helped to prevent what could have been a "tragic accident", reports the Evening Standard.

Back in November, a father of two survived being struck by a train travelling at 70mph when he became nauseous while standing at a platform in Essex.

Stephen Wright had been standing on the edge of the railway platform at Goodmayes Station feeling nauseous, and did not hear the train - which was not scheduled to stop - approaching.

As he leaned over, he felt a bang on his head from the train, which was packed with commuters. He escaped without injury.

Also in November, commuters did not appear so helpful when the moment dozens of Tube passengers totally ignored a man who'd collapsed on the train carriage floor was caught on camera.

The film shows a vulnerable man fall to the floor on a packed London Undergound train travelling between Baker Street and Great Portland Street.

The footage shows a host of commuters walk straight past, and even over, the man, before somebody finally comes to his aid.

Even more shockingly, back in 2012, a thief callously robbed a man who had passed out on a train track before simply leaving him there.

Nadar Khiari, a 28-year-old Tunisian, was caught on security camera stealing from the man who had fallen on to tracks on a Stockholm subway before leaving him to possibly die.

He was sentenced to 18 months in prison for theft.

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