Female US Navy sailor beats rapist bus driver in Dubai


Female US Navy sailor beats rapist bus driver in Dubai

A drunken bus driver in Dubai chose the wrong woman when he attempted to rape a passenger.

The woman turned out to be a US Navy sailor and as the 21-year-old driver tried to rape her, she knocked the knife from his hand and broke it in two, before biting his hand and wrestling him to the ground.

She then put him in a stranglehold between her thighs and left the bus.

The 28-year-old off-duty sailor had visited the Mall of Emirates while her ship was docked at Port Khaled in Sharjah. The woman was trying to hail a taxi when the bus stopped beside her.

She took the bus but realised something was wrong when the driver went through deserted areas.

As the driver stopped the bus, he went and sat next to her before tearing off her clothes and trying to rape her, Gulf News reports.

"I resisted him to the best of my ability, but he touched me all over. He touched my breasts and bit me everywhere... the more I resisted, the harder he bit me," she told Dubai Criminal Court.

The American woman fought off her attacker and fled shortly after.

According to The National, Dubai police arrested the driver the next day and said he was drunk at the time of arrest.

The driver, from Pakistan, was charged with attempted rape, threatening to kill, assault and consuming alcohol illegally.

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