Could Britain see the hottest day of the year this week?


Could Britain see the hottest day of the year this week?

With temperatures hitting 20C on Tuesday, Britain felt a little blast of summer, with sun-seekers hitting the beaches and parks across the country.

And some reports are suggesting Thursday could see the hottest day of the year so far, possibly getting up to 23C in south east areas like London.

If temperatures did get that high, they would beat this year's hottest day so far of 22C on Sunday 14 April.

Met Office spokesman Dan Williams confirmed that the two hottest temperatures of 22C were recorded at Manston and Gravesend (both Kent) on the 14 April, and it was the first time we've seen 20C+ in the UK since last September (17 September 2012).

The Met Office's Charlie Powell told Aol Travel on Tuesday that temperatures could reach 22C this week, which would match the hottest day of the year so far. But no mention was made of 23C.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel we were more likely to be seeing highs of 21C - before temperatures start to drop again from Friday.

He said: "Yesterday, Saint George's Day, was the warmest day of the year for many locations in central and western England, reaching 19C to 20C, with Pershore 20.3C. The south east was warmest reaching 21.3C at East Malling but not quite beating the 22.1C recorded in Gravesend on Sunday 14 April.

"Today (Wednesday) and Thursday will again be warm in the south, and we could see 21C again in the London area, but by Friday prepare for a 10C drop in temperatures.

"Feeling a lot cooler from Friday and over the weekend. Gardeners beware of frost on Saturday night with temperatures as low as -2C at dawn on Sunday in rural parts of mid Wales and across the Midlands.

"Next week may be even colder still with temperatures struggling to reach 8C in the south east and East Anglia by Wednesday and Thursday with a biting north east wind and rain. So from T-shirts back to jumpers, coats and umbrellas!

"All this as a result of the jet stream taking a big southerly detour over the north east Atlantic and western Europe!

"This cooler weather looks set to continue to the early part of May, too, but we are hopeful that a large area of high pressure will begin building for the Bank Holiday on 6 May to bring settled and nearer normal temperatures again. The jet stream moving back to a more northerly track for a while, at least."

Phew! It's not all bad news, then...

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