Enjoy balmy temperatures this week - cold and rain set to hit at weekend


Enjoy balmy temps this week - cold and rain set to hit at weekend

Britain is set to enjoy unseasonably balmy temperatures of up to 22C this week. But make the most of it, because colder weather and rain will hit this weekend.

The South East and Wales look set to enjoy some lovely warm weather in the early 20s over the next few days, but temperatures look set to drop back to the average for April, between 11C and 13C, from Friday,

But spokesman for the Met Office, Charlie Powell, said that it's nothing to worry about. He told Aol Travel: "Don't panic, we do have some more average temperatures on their way from as early as Friday but nothing to stop spring in its tracks. It's just very usual changeable spring weather.

"Over the next couple of days a band of cloud and rain will bisect the UK, trapping some warm air across much of southern England and Wales – we could see temperatures rising to 20 to 22C in London and the South East, for example.

"Meanwhile, to the north of the band of cloud, closer to 11C or 12C. This less warm air is set to spill southwards on Friday, along with some sharp scattered showers.

"However, by the weekend, an increase in pressure will tend to ease the showers and leave some fairly decent weather for many, especially on Sunday for England and Wales. Temperatures will be 11C to 13C, which is bang on average.

"The following week looks to remain on the showery side with temperatures perhaps dropping a little below average. This would mean daytime highs in the 9C to 11C category with some chilly nights and overnight lows close to freezing/patchy frost in rural locations."

But it's not all doom and gloom. Charlie says there could be more warm weather on the horizon, telling Aol Travel: "There is some good news, though, as indications show a return to something more settled and warmer by the second week of May, so this slightly less warm weather seems like a very normal variation for the UK."

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