Mother rescues baby elephant stuck in mud pool


Mother rescues baby elephant stuck in mud pool

A devoted mother elephant was photographed lending its trunk to her baby as it struggled to escape some sticky mud.

The hapless young elephant was helped by its concerned mother after wading in to a deep, muddy watering hole on the Masai Mara in Kenya.

The protective elephant rushed to her calf's aid and plucked the inexperienced baby from sinking in the mud pool before pushing it to safety.

Exodus tour guide and wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein captured the stunning images and told Rex Features: "I wasn't even expecting them [elephants] to come down and drink at the watering hole, as there had been a lot of rain creating plenty of standing pools.

Mother rescues baby elephant stuck in mud pool

"However they are creatures of habit and territory so they came for a bath and to slake their not inconsiderable thirsts."

Goldstein added: "This little one was only a few weeks old and once he bent down emulating his peers he could not get up again.

"The mother showed infinite patience, caring and perseverance to get the toddler back on his feet again. It was yet again an astonishing example of just how strong the mother and calf bond is."

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