Fighter jet scrambled to escort passenger plane forced to land at Glasgow Airport


Fighter jet scrambled to escort passenger forced to land at Glasgow Airport

An RAF fighter jet was scrambled to help a passenger plane to land at Glasgow Prestwick Airport on Thursday after the pilot lost contact with air traffic control.

The Scandinavian Airlines flight from Copenhagen to Birmingham Airport was forced to land at Prestwick Airport, Ayrshire, after it lost contact over Scotland at around 9.30am, reports the BBC.

It was escorted by military jet, and was met by emergency services, including three fire engines, police and ambulances.

According to the Scotsman, it is thought the pilot had his communication radio set on the wrong frequency.

A spokesman for Prestwick Airport told the Daily Record: "The aircraft lost communications with air traffic control and followed procedure by making a safe landing as soon as possible.

"Emergency services were called to the runway as a precaution but there were no injuries and they were soon stood down and the flight continued around 30 minutes after the landing."

An MOD Spokesperson confirmed that a jet fighter was scrambled to escort the plane to Prestwick. He told the Scotsman: "Typhoon aircraft from RAF Leuchars were launched today to investigate a civilian aircraft transiting the North Sea which had lost radio contact with air traffic control, the aircraft re-established comms and landed safely at Prestwick."

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