Ryanair passenger loses damages claim after plane struck runway


Ryanair passenger loses damages claim after plane struck runway

A Ryanair passenger's €38,000 (£32,700) damages claim for injury after a plane struck a runway during take-off was rejected by a judge in court.

Roisin Hartshorn said she suffered physical and psychological injuries after the incident at Dublin Airport, the Irish Independent reports.

But barrister for Ryanair Peter O'Brien told the Circuit Civil Court that the programme manager was not entitled to compensation for psychological harm unless it was related to a physical injury.

The 31-year-old, from Co Wicklow and now living in London, said the incident caused her post-traumatic stress and panic attacks from a foot injury.

According to The Irish Sun, Hartshorn exaggerated the foot injury and Judge Jacqueline Linnane dismissed her claim saying that she did not accept a foot injury would cause panic attacks.

In January, two passengers were taken to hospital in Genoa, Italy when a Ryanair flight made an emergency landing due to potential loss of cabin pressure.

The two women were later released and the rest of the passengers were taken to their final destination by bus.

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