Britain enjoys hottest day of the year - but will there be more sunshine?


Britain enjoys hottest day of the year - but will there be more sunshine?

Britain enjoyed its first blast of warm weather in weeks on Sunday as the hottest day of the year saw temps hit 22C.

The heat beat the last recorded hottest day of the year, 17.5C on 5 March at Trawsgoed in West Wales.

Sun-seekers hit the beaches, parks and rivers across the country in a bid to make the most of the balmier weather.

Met Office spokesman Dan Williams confirmed that the two hottest temperatures of 22C were recorded at Manston and Gravesend (both Kent), and it was the first time we've seen 20C+ in the UK since last September (17 September 2012).

He told AOl Travel: "This is well above average for the time of year, as average UK max temps for April are 11.4C."

But can we expect any more rays?

"Temperatures in the warmest parts of the country (South East/East Anglia) today (Monday) will be 16C to 17C in places, similar tomorrow (Tuesday), and 17C to 18C on Wednesday – although we've got some rain and windy conditions through at times, so it may not feel as warm as the temperatures suggest in some places.

"As we go to the back end of the week, top temperatures will dip a bit closer to average, say 10C to 14C and next week looks changeable, with generally average temps expected. lLooking at the 30-day outlook we're expecting generally average conditions for the time of year – which means we could see some bright, dry and occasionally mild spells, but also a good deal of wet and windy weather with more average temperatures."

No heatwave on the horizon just yet, then.

The Weather Channel's meteorologist Leon Brown said we can expect another warm day on Wednesday this week with temperatures perhaps 20C, but not as high as Sunday. There will be a cooler end to the week and this weekend.

Leon told Aol Travel: "Above average temperatures will continue in the south until Wednesday, and Wednesday looks like another very warm and windy day from eastern Wales across the Midlands to eastern England.

"Temperatures could reach 19C in London and 20C in East Anglia, but widely 16 to 18C from east Wales and east Devon to north east England. North west England and Scotland a lot cooler and wet.

"Not quite as warm by Thursday and Friday. Nearer normal temperatures at 12 to 14C in the south."

But, he added, that some areas could see frost this weekend, and Scotland could even experience temps of -5C: "Frost is a risk this weekend, especially Saturday morning. Could see temperatures in rural areas close to zero in central southern England and as low as minus 2C in northern England and southern Scotland. North east Scotland could see -5C at dawn on Saturday.

"The weekend will be fine and dry in the south with sunny spells, but quite a lot of cloud spreading out from late morning and in the afternoon

"Temperatures on Saturday a little below average and perhaps only 8C to 10C in eastern England and 11C to 13C in the west.

"The south east may see a frost early on Sunday morning. The north becoming wet and windy later on Sunday."

Leon added that the next warmer spell could be around Tuesday next week in the south with temperatures possibly 20C. "Beyond this it is looking cooler unfortunately so we may have to wait until May for temperatures to beat the 22C recorded yesterday!" he said.

However, he said, "indications suggest the jet stream may begin to favour a more southerly track again for the end of April with the UK on the cooler side; and indeed this is unfortunately how we expect a lot of the coming summer to pan out - a cool north west Europe and hot and dry south east Europe - but with some warmer episodes interspersed for the north west."

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