7.8 million Britons plan to stay at home this summer


7.8million Britons plan to stay at home this summer - and the top destination is...

Despite the fact that we've had the longest and most miserable winter for years, a new survey reveals that almost 8million Britons plan to holiday in the UK this summer - with the city of London proving to be the most popular destination.

The new survey from Local People has found that, thanks to the recession, many Brits just can't afford to jet off to the sun - and find it a less stressful experience to holiday in England instead.

Popular holiday spots are scattered all over England, but the top 10 destinations are:

1. London
2. Bristol
3. Devon
4. Yorkshire
5. Cornwall
6. Lancashire
7. Kent
8. Somerset
9. West Midlands
10. Derbyshire

Local People spokesperson Lee Williams said: "In the face of recession and an economy in crisis our sites are buzzing with Brits looking for an alternative to the stresses of holidaying abroad.

"They are choosing instead to support British tourism and local businesses and our poll indicates that they're staying more local.

"The proliferation of technology now allows us to travel virtual distances within seconds. Combine these advantages with the increased anxiety about the economy and even the risks associated with going abroad, our poll points to a trend showing less propensity for holidaying further afield."

The survey also revealed that we're no longer as desperate to spend a week or two basking in the sun. Even though three-quarters of Britons admit that they are 'sun-starved', more than a third (34%) would chose culture, cuisine and adventure over guaranteed sunshine.

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