British Airways flight grounded after drunk passenger 'spits on cabin crew'


A British Airways flight from Cancun, Mexico, to London Gatwick had to be diverted to Orlando International Airport after a drunk passenger became aggressive and allegedly spat at flight attendants.

Sean Kelly, 31, was removed from Flight 2202 on Sunday night after "spitting on flight attendants and cursing while trying to pick fights with everyone he made eye contact with", according to the Orlando Sentinel.

In an interview with America's Channel 9, he told reporters that he had drunk "about a quarter bottle of vodka" as well as taking a sleeping pill.

He suggested the alcohol "must have reacted with the pill", which had been given to him by a Canadian couple, and added: . "I don't know what the pill was, to be perfectly honest."

Mr Kelly said he remembers getting on the plane in Mexico, but doesn't remember anything else until he woke up in a police car.

According to, Kelly became more aggressive after being removed from the plane, and had to be wrestled to the ground by two officers, leaving him with cuts and bruises to his eye.

Travelers Today reports that an arrest affidavit says as Kelly was walked to a holding cell, he screamed obscenities and threatened to kill police officers.

He was transported to Orange County Jail and, on Monday, he went before a judge facing charges of resisting an officer with violence and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

He told Channel 9: "I have been here before, but it was a lot more civilised last time. Disney World as opposed to prison world."

Mid-air meltdowns

Mid-air meltdowns

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