Book a staycation! Britain set for warmest day of the year this weekend


Book a staycation! Britain set for warmest day of the year this weekend

It's not too late to book that Easter mini break - and it looks like this weekend's the right time to do it, as weather forecasters are predicting the warmest day of the year so far.

Temperatures are set to hover around a reasonably chilly 5C to 10C until Thursday, after which things should be heating up.

By Sunday, temps could hit up to 21C, making it set to be the hottest day of the year so far.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, told Aol Travel: "This week we will see quite a north to south divide at times with the north east (east Scotland and north east England) feeling bitterly cold at times in easterly winds off the very chilly North Sea. Often not lifting above 5C by day and night frosts over Scotland and northern England. There could even be some fresh snow over the hills inland over north east Britain, too.

"Over the south, temperatures are depressed until Thursday at 7C to 9C at best in easterly winds. Rain will spread northwards during Wednesday, followed by some milder weather in the south east briefly on Thursday, but this is only the norm for mid-April."

And now for the best bit. Leon added: "The real push of warmer weather and winds from the south/south west is over the weekend as the whole weather pattern finally changes and we lose the colder block sitting to our north east.

"Everywhere feeling the benefit by Sunday with temperatures up to 21C and the warmest day of the year so far."

Looking into next week, Leon told Aol Travel that temperatures are likely to dip again, but we may see a burst of spring blooms. He said: "Still warm in the south early next week, but gradually falling back to normal again thereafter.

"Everything will bloom though after rain and then higher temperatures so I am sure plants will quickly catch up and blossom. Probably very colourful since the earlier bulbs and daffodils will reach their peak a lot later and at the same time as other spring flowers that normally flower later."

Dan Williams, spokesman at the Met Office, also predicted it will warm up for the weekend, telling Aol Travel: "It looks like things may get a bit milder for the weekend – particularly Sunday.

"At the moment the warmest day of the year so far has been 6 March with 17.5C at Trawscoed, Powys.

"It's not possible to say yet whether Sunday might top that, but it does look to be milder than it has been of late."

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