Daredevil flies from Robben Island to Cape Town tied to balloons

A South African balloonist has floated from Robben Island to the mainland near Cape Town tied to 160 helium balloons.

Matt Silver-Vallance's daring balloon trip was to raise money for a children's hospital named after 94-year-old Nelson Mandela.

It took around an hour for Silver-Vallance, 37, to float across the Atlantic Ocean from Robben Island while harnessed to the coloured balloons.

The weather was grey and drizzly with low visibility but after letting some of his balloons go and being pulled in be sea rescue vessels earlier than expected, Matt carried out the stunt before landing on a support boat near Cape Town.

According to Eye Witness News, Matt raised at least R70,000 (£5,000) after the stunt.

Silver-Vallance told the Mail & Guardian: "I was going up ... then I started coming down again, that's when it got hairy again."

It's not the most daring flying stunt either as extreme athlete Erik Roner recently floated through the skies of California using a real umbrella.

The daredevil dropped from an air balloon and floated with the umbrella for a few seconds before it turned inside out and he had to use his parachute to land.

Image: PA

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