Happy snapper! Squirrel shows off photography skills


Happy snapper! Squirrel shows off photography skills

A squirrel was snapped sprinting towards a camera that was left on the ground before showing off his photography skills.

The curious creature approached the camera and played with it for two minutes, standing on its back legs and appearing to look through the viewfinder.

The ground squirrel, which is similar to the chipmunk, was spotted in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in Botswana.

Mango and sugar cane farmer, Jaycee Rousseau from South Africa, was shocked when he saw the animal sprint towards the camera.

He told Rex Features: "At first I couldn't believe my eyes, but I soon realised this special moment would be a great photo opportunity.

Happy snapper! Squirrel shows off photography skills

"When I saw the squirrel sprint over to the camera, it took me by surprise, so I had to react quickly to capture this unique moment.

"These squirrels live in communal groups of up to 30 and have an inquisitive nature which is why this particular rodent approached the camera."

He added: "The pictures remind me of naughty child doing something they are not supposed to.

"It depicts a wild animal behaving in a manner which is almost human-like."

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