British shopfitters arrive at airport in Norway - 1,500 miles from destination


A pair of British shopfitters travelled to the remote northern tip of Norway for a job, before realising they were 1,500 miles away from their destination.

The Sun reports that they landed at Lakselv Airport after flying in from Scotland via Norwegian capital Oslo.

The Scots thought they were going on a three-day journey to fit an iPad display case in the remote hamlet of Rolsvoya, a four-hour drive on dirt tracks, but they soon realised they were in the wrong place.

According to The Scottish Sun, when the unnamed duo went to hire a car they discovered they should have been in Rolvsoy - without an 'a' - a town 40 miles south of Oslo, a 30-hour drive away.

Hertz car rental worker John Arne Nilsen said: "They called their boss who insisted it was the right place.

"They blamed him, saying he booked the flights and accommodation.

"When they realised what had gone wrong they just laughed and turned around. I have never seen anything like it."

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