Tara Palmer-Tomkinson 'arrested' at Switzerland airport over gun-shaped shoes


Tara Palmer-Tomkinson arrested at Switzerland airport over gun-shaped shoes

Tara Palmer Tomkinson was arrested at Switzerland's Zurich Airport after failing security checks - because she was carrying shoes with a gun-shaped heel in her luggage.

The socialite was heading back to the UK after a trip to her holiday home in Klosters, according to Digital Spy.

And customs officials obviously didn't like the look of her £1000 Chanel Satin Sandals, which were designed by Karl Lagerfeld and feature 90mm heels sculpted to look like real-life pistols.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson 'arrested' at Switzerland airport over gun-shaped shoes

She tweeted: "Was arrested at Zurich airport with my Chanel killer heels in my luggage... not a good look on the x Ray!!

"I actually played backgammon with the cops 4 7hrs!!"

A representative for Tara told the Mail Online: "She did have the shoes on her and her luggage was double checked because of it, but she wasn't arrested in the way it may look."

It's not the first time those heels have got her in trouble at Zurich Airport. Back in 2009, security officers confiscated the same shoes, and they spent five days in the customs office before her lawyers could retrieve them.

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