EasyJet to close all check-in desks


easyJet to close all check-in desks

Easyjet has announced plans to close all check-in desks from April 30.

Existing check-in desks will be replaced by bag-drop desks for those who wish to pay £25 to travel with a piece of hold luggage.

The Telegraph reports that passengers who forget to check in online will still be able to do so at the airport - and they won't be forced to pay a penalty. There will be a "transition period" to give customers time to adapt, but even when that ends there are no plans to impose a charge.

An Easyjet spokesman claims that this is because the airline is more "customer friendly" than Ryanair, which charges passengers £70 per person if they don't check in online or forget to print their boarding pass.

A spokesperson told The Telegraph: "We try to be a it more customer friendly than Ryanair, and hope passengers choose to check in online without the threat of punitive charges.

"EasyJet is always looking to make travel easier and more affordable. Online check in has proved popular with passengers, for whom it saves time queuing at the airport, and has helped easyJet keep its costs, and therefore its fares, low."

Apparently, 80 per cent of passengers already check in online, and can do so up to 30 days before they fly.

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