Video: Norway's biathlon squad faces indecency probe


Norway's biathlon squad faces an indecency probe after they stripped off and waved their genitals at female contestants at a World Cup event in Russia. reports that a male with his trousers clearly down trying to distract the female skiers in sub-zero temperatures was seen on TV footage.

Organisers of the race in Khanty-Mansiysk reported members of the Norwegian men's team to police after a video of the prank appeared on Russian news website,

According to the Daily Mail, one race organiser said: "They're lucky with women didn't take their revenge. They are crack shots, even with very small targets."

The biathlon is considered a serious race in Russia and indecent behaviour during the race is treated like hooliganism.

A police spokesman said: "We are investigating a case of alleged hooliganism. We have video evidence from numerous people, which we will be analysing over the coming days to identify all those involved.

"There is no disputing their actions, as we have it all on camera.

"We are investigating, but there will be punishments for those involved."

Race organisers said this was not the only instance throughout the event and that other men were involved.

The Russian Biathlon Union is also looking into the incident and said it will take disciplinary action against those involved.

Spokesperson Dmitry Aleksashin said: "Once we have finished our part of the investigation, we will send our findings to the International Biathlon Union.

"This was very unsporting behaviour at a major event."

The Norwegian team was led by Ulle Einar Bierndalen, a legend in the biathlon world.

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