Greyhound bus invaded by cockroaches


New York-bound bus invaded by cockroaches

Passengers travelling on a Greyhound bus from Atlantic City to New York have told of their horror when their bus was invaded by dozens of cockroaches.

Sky News reports that the roaches started to crawl out of the vents just 15 minutes into the journey and were soon seen crawling on seats, windows, side panels and people.

One passenger told CNN: "There's like a thousand roaches. And when I say infested, I mean infested. People were in the aisles literally brushing roaches off them."

Another passenger said: "We thought it was one. It turned out to be a whole house fill of roaches."

And another added: "I sat down -- roaches started crawling up on our clothes, falling down from the ceiling. Everything."

CNN reports that Greyhound has apologised for the horror film-style scenario, which happened around 10am on Friday morning. The 48 passengers on board were moved to a new bus and given a full refund, as well as a voucher for a free trip in the future. The bus is now being examined to find out where the bugs came from.

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