British tourist gang-raped by three men 'including 70-year-old' in Spain


British tourist gang-raped by three men in Spain 'including 70-year-old'

A British tourist has allegedly been gang-raped by three men while on holiday in the Costa Del Sol, Spain.

It is believed one of the men was around 70 years old, with his two accomplices being considerably younger.

According to the Daily Mail, the victim, 31, was out partying in Benalmadena, 12km from Malaga, when she had an argument with her boyfriend and decided to go home.

She hailed herself a cab but, when she vomited in it, the driver asked her to get out.

The woman proceeded to walk to her apartment, and went through a tunnel underneath the N-340 road, that leads to the Carvjal Beach, when she was attacked.

The three men allegedly grabbed her, before taking her to a secluded spot where one of the men held her down while the others took it in turns to rape her, reports the Metro.

After the attack, she managed to make it back to her apartment, but could not get in or call her boyfriend because all of her possessions had been stolen.

A passer by found her collapsed on the ground outside the apartment at around 3am, and she was taken to the Centro Hospitalario de Alta Resolucion de Especialidades for treatment.

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