Paw thing: Cute koala gets surprise soaking by garden sprinkler


Paw thing: Cute koala gets a surprise soaking

This koala was more than a little wet behind the ears when he was caught out and soaked by a garden sprinkler in Australia.

The cute and cuddly creature was sleeping in a tree when it was rudely awakened by a gardener who decided to water his trees.

And, as this hilarious image shows, the koala, known for its fluffy fur coat, was left dripping wet after its unexpected soaking.

The koala didn't look too impressed about his shower, but it probably did bring a bit of relief from the hot Australian sun.

The pics were taken by Matt Wilkinson, 39, in the garden of his home in Adelaide.

He told Caters News: "There was a particular bad heatwave in Adelaide recently and temperatures reached up to 40C.

"The koalas hang around in a tree in my garden when it is hot; it's on the southern side of the house and relatively cool.

"We use the sprinklers and garden hose to wet the house and surrounding trees when it's hot to avoid a bush fire - but when I watered one of the trees, this koala got a bit of a soaking.

"It was a boiling hot day so I'm sure it helped the koala cool down."

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