More travel chaos as snow to return at weekend?


More travel chaos as snow to return at weekend?

Freezing cold weather and snow have been causing travel chaos this week - and experts are warning there is more to come this weekend.

Temperatures plummeted to -8C on Wednesday night in large parts of the UK, and Guernsey's airport was closed after 8ft snow drifts hit the usually-mild holiday island.

Met Office spokesman, Dan Williams, told the Daily Mail: "It was not as cold as a couple of previous nights ago when we got down to about -13C, but it was still very cold.

Talking about the weekend, he added: "Nowhere should be surprised if we see snow or snow flurries."

And The Weather Channel is warning it won't be getting much warmer anytime soon. Meteorologist Leon Brown told Aol Travel: "No sign at the moment that we will see above normal temperatures for the rest of March.

"It is likely to be the coldest March since 2006 and perhaps 1996. 2006 had the coldest first three weeks since 1962, but ended warmer, offsetting the colder start. If this March remains below average, as looks likely, it may be colder than 2006.

"After a slight lift in temperatures for the end of this week, the bitter NE winds will return next week. This will again bring sleet and snow showers with temperatures a good 5 or 6C below normal.

"On Sunday and into next week, temperatures may again dip to -10 to -12C, or lower, in Scotland where skies clear and winds fall light (places like Aboyne, Braemar and Grampains regions). The most recent record low in March is -18.6C in Braemar back on the 4 March 2010."

The freezing weather has caused havoc, with services being delayed or cancelled on the Eurostar this week. The company is warning that there could still be delays for the next couple of days.

At the beginning of the week, over 500 passengers were left stranded on a ferry in the English Channel for 24 hours when bad weather prevented it from docking at Cherbourg.

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