Girl, 5, turned away from lifeboat in Costa Concordia tragedy


Girl, 5, turned away from lifeboat in Costa Concordia tragedy

A five-year-old girl and her father died after they were turned away from a lifeboat when the Costa Concordia cruise ship hit a rock and started sinking, according to new documents.

The dossier revealed on Tuesday reported on their last moments, as well as other victims of the tragedy, documenting acts of heroism as well as gross negligence, according to the Daily Express.

The papers show how Williams Arlotti and his five-year-old daughter, Dayana, died because they could not find a place in a lifeboat on the port side.

When they went in search of a place on the other side, the ship rolled over and they drowned.

The file explains their final moments, saying they died because "having not found places in a lifeboat on deck four on the port side, they were directed by members of the crew to the starboard side and, while negotiating the interior of the ship, they fell into an abyss, which was created as the starboard side of the ship overturned", reports the Daily Telegraph.

They fell into a flooded area of deck four, where they drowned.

According to The Times, Dayana Arlotti was the only child to die in the tragedy, which saw 32 people lose their lives when the ship hit rocks off the Italian island of Giglio on 13 January, 2012.

The 60-page report was presented to a court in the Tuscan city of Grosseto by prosecutors who are calling for the Concordia's skipper, Captain Francesco Schettino, to be sent to trial on charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship.

It also told how a passenger named Maria D'Introno managed to get in a lifeboat but was forced back onto the ship because it couldn't be launched.

She was later forced to jump into the sea, but could not swim and drowned.

Another passenger called Erika Soria Molina, a 25-year-old barmaid from Peru, tried to climb onto a lifeboat from the listing hull of the ship, but lost her footing, fell into the sea, and drowned.

The Daily Telegraph reports that many of the victims died because they jumped into the sea without life jackets, and were sucked under the water as the ship churned up powerful whirlpools as it sunk.

The Costa Concordia capsized at the mouth of the island's harbour, meaning victims died just a short distance from the shore.

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