Dramatic rescue of camel stuck in mud among mangroves in India


Dramatic rescue of camel stuck in mud among mangroves in India

This camel would be forgiven for getting the hump after it was left stranded in mud for more than 12 hours.

Its concerned owner spotted his rare Kharai camel lying down trapped in the mud, but couldn't reach it because it was too dark and the tide was out.

But as soon as the sun rose the following morning, the owner called upon four of his friends and, armed with just a piece of rope, they rowed out to rescue the animal who was stuck in the boggy mangroves.

The heroic hour-long rescue effort, near the village of Nimrivand in western India, was snapped by photographer Ishaan Raghunandan.

The animal let out some cries of distress during the rescue, but was physically unharmed and able to walk away from the unfortunate incident.

According to Caters News, Ishaan said: "I couldn't believe it, as soon as the camel was freed, it just walked off until it got onto some more stable land and just started eating away at the vegetation."

The Kharai camel is native to the area in western India, and famous for its exceptional swimming skills, reports the Daily Mail. It can swim up to three kilometres into the sea in search of mangroves, which is their main source of food.

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