'Drunk' Thomson pilot arrested before boarding plane at Birmingham Airport


'Drunk' Thomson pilot arrested just before boarding plane at Birmingham Airport

A Thomson Airways pilot has been suspended from his job after he was arrested on suspicion of being over the alcohol limit just moments before he boarded a plane at Birmingham Airport.

The 51-year-old pilot was arrested by West Midlands Police inside the terminal just before he was set to fly hundreds of passengers to their holiday destination.

A police spokesman told the Daily Telegraph: "A 51-year old man was arrested on suspicion of being unfit to perform aviation duties due to drink."

The incident took place on Sunday 10 February, although details have only just emerged.

The pilot was initially released on bail pending further inquiries but, on Tuesday, a police spokesman confirmed he had been released without charge.

A Thomson Airways spokesman confirmed that it had suspended one of its pilots, and will conduct an investigation, although the man will face no further police action.

According to ITV News, he said: "Thomson Airways is aware that allegations of an aviation offence brought against one of our pilots have been dropped.

"However, we are continuing to conduct an internal investigation into the situation, and the pilot in question has been suspended.

"We are not able to comment further until our investigations are complete."

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