Man pushes girlfriend off cliff in 400ft canyon rope swing


Man pushes girlfriend off cliff in 400ft rope swing

A man spent 45 minutes trying to convince his girlfriend to take a 400ft rope swing into a canyon in Utah, before nudging her towards the edge and pushing her off.

Daredevil Creighton Baird was one of many jumpers who trekked to Utah to take part in the rope swing, which was filmed by Devin Graham and posted on YouTube.

But when Baird encouraged his girlfriend, Jessica Powell, to have a go, she couldn't quite bring herself to step off the edge of the cliff. So Baird decided to give her a helping hand.

Man pushes girlfriend off cliff in 400ft rope swing

When he gave her the push, Ms Powell screamed as she swung into the narrow canyon, before shouting, "I'm breaking up with you!". Her boyfriend laughed off her comments and said that he hoped that she would be grateful that he helped her to take the plunge.

Apparently she later admitted that she was glad that her boyfriend had pushed her, because she probably wouldn't have done it otherwise.

However, the film maker Devin Graham admitted that the couple later decided to split. He said: "It had nothing to do with getting pushed off the rope swing."

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