Revealed! Where to buy the world's most expensive Starbucks coffee


It looks like Americans will have to pay extra for their caffeine fix in Scandinavia as The Wall Street Journal has calculated that a grande latte in Oslo, Norway will cost Americans a shocking $9.83.

The newspaper calculated their results by comparing how much a latte would cost when the dollar is converted to the local currency of 25 major cities around the world. This illustrates an economic principle called "purchasing-power parity," or, as the WSJ calls it: "A crude way to compare the relative strength of currencies."

Oslo's budget-busting price tag topped the list while Helsinki and Stockholm also appeared in the top five for most expensive Starbucks lattes. Surprisingly, Beijing came in near the middle of the table at $4.81.

New Delhi Starbucks provided the cheapest coffee at $2.80 per cup with London, Detroit, Mexico City and San Francisco also in the bottom five.

Starbucks economics seem to operate in a field of their own, as it seems it's cheaper to buy a latte in London than in New York and Atlanta, despite the fact that the dollar is relatively weak against the UK pound.

How much would you pay for a taste of home abroad?

World's most expensive food

World's most expensive food

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