Cold weather to continue through weekend before temps increase next week


Cold UK weather to continue through weekend before temps increase next week

Britain continued to see cold and cloudy weather this weekend and it's set to stay until next week, with occasional snow showers and patches of drizzle, the Met Office said.

According to the Guardian, parts of Kent could see up to 2cm of snow on Saturday morning but the rest of the UK is unlikely to see anything more than the odd snowflake, with temperatures still hovering in the low single figures.

'It'll be a continuation of the same in many respects,' a Met Office spokesman told the Guardian.

'It's going to be generally cloudy and cold right the way through the weekend and into Monday. But it'll be nothing extreme.

'A lot of people have been talking about it being awfully cold and the wind chill feeling, but we're still looking at low single figures by day and nothing much more than 4 or 5C.'

He added that temperatures would start to pick up gradually from the beginning of next week.

'Temperatures on Monday will be fractionally better – so 5 or 6C as a high rather than 4 or 5C,' he said.

'But it'll be a slow old process and even by Tuesday and Wednesday, we'll still be looking at light drizzle and maybe a few snowflakes here and there.'

Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, Leon Brown, told AOL Travel: 'It will stay cold this weekend and mostly cloudy in the east and south. It's a weekend to wrap up warm with a bitter NNE wind and a high wind chill.

'Feeling more like minus 2 to 4C in the wind and also some snow flurries in the east and south east. A dusting of snow in places, perhaps 1cm or so over York Moors and even Kent.

'Expect some sleet and snow showers for a time over the south east late on Sunday.

'It will gradually become less cold with winds easing next week, but there will still be night frosts. However, for a few days it will feel more spring like again.'

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reports that temperatures could reach as high as 7C or 8C in the south by Friday.

More cold winds could come in from the North West around that time, but there is no sign of a return to the significant snowfall seen earlier this winter or a mild spell.

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