Mystery over dozens of dead sea creatures washed up in Peru


 Mystery over dozens of dead sea creatures washed up in Peru

Nearly 100 dead sea creatures and birds have washed up on a Peruvian coastline and experts are trying to work out the mystery surrounding their deaths.

Sky News reports that 18 sea turtles, 22 sea lions, 16 angular roughsharks, eight dolphins and 22 marine birds were found during an inspection by government officials.

A number of the creatures were sprayed with a special paint as part of the investigation of the discovery along 77 miles of the Lambayeque coastline.

The bodies were measured, placed in bags and taken away for analysis. They were in various states of decomposition.

Jaime De La Cruz, an engineer at Peru's Ocean Institute, said details of their cause of death were expected in the coming weeks.

According to Mother Nature Network, Peru's deputy environment minister Gabriel Quijandria said warming waters disturbing species' food supplies was a possible cause.

He said although tests on the animals had not been completed, contamination of heavy metals or the presence of bacterial infections was not responsible.

Quijandria added that it was probable it 'will extend to other coastal areas,' noting that there could be an increase in the numbers of birds and other sea life killed.

Although a cause has not been found, some of the possible explanations include viruses, poisoned food sources or offshore oil exploration.

The health ministry urged people to stay away from the beaches around Lima and on the northern coast until the cause of death of marine life is known.

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